Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for any questions you may have.

My impression putty is in a different pot to the one in the video tutorials, is this a fake product

No . Depending on which company you purchased your product from the packaging may differ but will always have our batch number and best before date on.

Can i use the impression kit if I have crown and bridge work

Please consult with your dentist prior to using the impression kit

can i use the impression kit if I have fixed braces (tram lines)

No, the impression material will encase the wire and brackets and make the impression difficult to remove.

can I use the impression kit if I have a bonded retainer at the back of my teeth

If the wire is close fitting to the teeth it would be fine to use take the impression, however it is always advisable to consult with your dentist

do I need to store the completed Impression in the fridge

No, you can keep Impression stored in a cool dry place until you are ready to post it

can i reuse the material once it has gone hard

No, once the material has set it is not reusable

There was no impression putty in the box , what should I do

Our products go through strict quality control and all parcels are weighed before posting to customers to avoid any missing items. In the unlikely event that you have not received all contents please send us an image of the postage label displaying the weight, we can then advise further.

if my impression is not good do i have to buy more impression putty

Yes you are responsible for taking your own impression . We have extra impression material listed on our website. You can remove the unusable impression putty from the tray and reuse the tray. We do have extra trays listed on our website.

I feel there maybe too much Impression material for the tray can I use less

Yes , There is enough impression material to accommodate a large tray ,however you may not need to use all the putty when filling the tray after mixing for the 45 seconds

Can the impression putty set hard before it is mixed together

No. It is chemically impossible for the impression putty to set unless it is mixed together and will remain soft in the pot.

The impression putty is a different colour to the ones on the website and video tutorials, does this matter.

No, as long as you have been supplied the impression putty from us then it is high grade and all instructions are the same.

I am using standard blue impression trays and not Thermo formally trays . Are the instructions still the same?

Yes you can still follow Step 1 and Step 3 of the tutorials whilst taking the impressions.

How do i know if I am allergic to the Polyvinylsiloxone.

Only around 1percent of the entire population are sensitive to the impression material and would normally only experience a mild discomfort ie red gums or mild burning sensation If you are unsure then you should consult with your dentist or mix a tiny amount of the impression material and place it between your gum/teeth. If you experience any redness or discomfort then seek advice from a dentist.

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