We are SUPPLIERS ONLY of Dental Impression Kits and do not offer any other services other than selling Impression kits.

You'll make a great first impression!

Your kit has been produced in the UK where all materials are batch tested and can be traced back to their original source.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use the impression kit if I have crown and bridge work?

Please consult with your dentist prior to using the impression kit

Can I use the impression kit if I have fixed braces?

No, we would not advise using our impressions. The impression material will encase the wire and brackets and make the impression difficult to remove.

Do I need to store the completed impression in the fridge?

No, you can keep the impression stored in a cool dry place until you are ready to post it out.

If my impression is not good, do I have to buy more putty?

Yes you are responsible for taking your own impression . We have extra impression material listed on our website. You can remove the unusable impression putty from the tray and reuse the tray.

Can the impression putty set hard before it is mixed together?

No, it's not possible for the impression putty to set unless it is mixed together, and will remain soft in the pot.

Are the instructions the same for Standard Blue Trays & Thermo Formally Trays?

Yes you can still follow Step 1 and Step 3 of the tutorials whilst taking the impressions.